Tech This Out for 06/22/18

A physics laboratory in Tennessee just unveiled what could be the world’s  speediest and smartest supercomputer. This crazy fast supercomputer fills a server room the size of two tennis courts — and can spit out answers to 200 quadrillion (or 200 with 15 zeros) calculations per second. If you tried to do the same calculations, it would take you 6.35 billion years.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory launches Summit supercomputer.

Tech This Out for 06/21/18

Apple just announced a new feature in its next iPhone update that will let 911 dispatchers use GPS to see your exact location if you call and need help. Up until now, the 911 system (which was built for landlines and hasn’t had a major overhaul in 50 years) has only been able to see the cell towers you’re close to, which gives them a general area of where you are. Now dispatch can pinpoint your location, so help will get to you faster. 

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Tech This Out for 06/15/18

The Sharp company has just unveiled a new smart cat toilet that can monitor your cat’s health. Sharp’s Pet Care Monitor is a high tech litter box that will automatically weigh your cat and analyze the volume and frequency of the urine they leave behind (as well as the time spent on the toilet) and alert to you potential health problems. It’ll only be available in Japan, at least to start, and it’ll cost around $230.

Sharp to launch smart toilet for cats that can identify health problems