Tech This Out for 05/31/18

There’s a new food storage system that just launched on Kickstarter that can help you keep track of the foods you have in the fridge, from anywhere. The Ovie system uses containers and smart tags that remember when you stored something and keeps track of what’s in the fridge and how long it’s been in there, so you waste less food. The smart container kit has 3 six-cup containers with 3 smart tags for $75 on Kickstarter, but it’ll retail for $100. So if you want to get it cheap, help fund their campaign.



Tech This Out for 05/25/18

Coca Cola is showing off the brand new Coca Cola Freestyle 9100 at the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago this weekend. It’s a super high tech soda dispenser that will create a customized soda just for you. You can choose from 200 beverages… 117 of which are low or no calorie… and around 130 have no caffeine. And you can create your perfect drink mix before you even get to the machine, with an app.


Tech This Out for 05/24/18

Instagram just rolled out a new feature that people have been asking for for awhile… they’re testing a mute button that lets users mute friends without unfollowing them. So if you have a friend who’s posting a billion selfies from her vacation that you’re seeing during your lunch break at your second job, or you broke up but you agreed to stay friends with an ex, you can just mute them for a little while without them knowing they’re muted.

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Tech This Out for 05/23/18

So many great contributions at work go unnoticed by the boss. And that’s why the creators of Bonusly, made the app. The app lets co-workers give each other recognition for a job well done. Then after you accumulate a bunch of points, you can start to redeem them for things like Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks gift cards or convert them into cash to be donated to charity. So you could do good things with the rewards from your good things… double karma points. Check it out at

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Tech This Out for 05/18/18

A gym in Sacramento is using the power created by its members workouts to power the place. Sacramento Eco Fitness is called “The first human-powered fitness facility in California.” Their stationary bikes have kinetic converters that turn movement into electricity. Since they got the bikes up and running, their electric bill has dropped from $680 a month to just $30!