Tech This Out for 04/27/18

Google just launched a redesign of Gmail, the first update since 2013. It has a new modernized look… and a bunch of new features- like easy access to attachments, quick mouseover menus (so “delete,” “archive” and “mark as read” appear without an extra click), email snoozing, reminders to reply, smart reply, offline mode (which allows you to write, search, delete and archive messages when you aren’t connected to the internet) and confidential mode, which lets users set an expiration date for sensitive content. 

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Tech This Out for 04/26/18

Amazon has another way to make delivering your packages more convenient and to stop porch pirates from stealing your stuff. They’ll deliver your stuff to your car. They’ve just launched this new service in partnership with two major automakers – General Motors and Volvo – and rolled it out to 37 US cities.

Tech This Out for 04/25/18

Amazon is reportedly has a team building a top secret robot… not so top secret anymore, I guess. According to people familiar with the plans, the robot project is codenamed “Vesta,” after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home and family. We don’t know yet what sorts of tasks the robot will do and Amazon is not talking about it, saying they don’t comment on “rumors and speculation.” I don’t need a robot to play me songs or read my calendar to me, but if it can clean, I’m getting one! I have been really sad since my Roomba died.

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Tech This Out for 04/23/18

A Japanese apartment management company has created a product designed to give single women an additional sense of security. It’s called “Man on the Curtain” and it projects the shadowy figure of a man behind the window curtains to make potential intruders think twice about breaking in. There are a dozen different scenarios to choose from on the app that will make the shadow boyfriend do things like shadow boxing, karate practice, swinging a bat, etc. The company says they’re making adjustments to the product and will eventually sell it to the public.

Tech This Out for 04/13/18

When you’re training in martial arts, you need a partner to spar with. But if you don’t have a human around, there’s now a robot that can help train you. BotBoxer is a smart sparring robot that can “see” and react to your jabs and hooks, evading punches with the speed of a pro, forcing you to increase the velocity and unpredictability of your punches. It’s not out yet, but they are taking pre-orders that will start shipping in September. To see more go to

Tech This Out for 04/12/18

Dubai is going to start testing out “smart license plates” next month that could contact emergency services in the event of a crash, communicate with other cars about traffic conditions and display an alert if it or the car it’s on are stolen. Sounds cool… but to do all that stuff, it means the plates will have GPS and transmitters which raises some concerns about privacy and data security.

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Tech This Out for 04/11/18

The more time you spend standing on line at Disneyland, the less fun you’re having. So the park is about to start offering food pre-ordering from the Disneyland app. You select the restaurant and time you want to pick up, then you just show up and grab your order from a specially designated window… and you pay automatically from the app so you don’t even have to get out your wallet.

Photograph Of Disneyland