Tech This Out for 02/27/18

Uber is now introducing a new way to ride that’s cheaper than any of their current options. It’s called Uber Express Pool and it’s a way to share your Uber ride (and the cost of it) with one or more other people going the same way. With Uber Express Pool, riders will be directed to a pickup place they can get to with a short walk to optimize the ride and save time and money. Uber Express Pool was launched in D.C., L.A., Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego and Denver, and will roll out to more cities in the new few weeks.

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Tech This Out for 02/26/18

If you had a toilet like this, you might not ever want to leave the bathroom. Kohler’s new Numi toilet has a heated seat, hands-free opening and closing lid (so there are no more fights about what the right way is), a bidet with temperature controlled water, a blow dryer, automatic flushing, a foot warmer, nightlight, bluetooth hookup and a sound system… all controlled with a touchscreen pad. And it could be yours for $6500.

Tech This Out for 02/23/18

Amazon’s first Amazon Go store must be doing well because they’re about to expand. Amazon plans to open 3 new locations in Seattle this year and one in Los Angeles in The Grove, the 600,000 square foot outdoor shopping mall. And there could be a few other locations they’re looking at as well… the rumor is that they plan to open 6 new Amazon Go stores this year. Cool! I wanna try it!

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Tech This Out for 02/21/18

Facebook plans to thwart election ad fraud by using good old fashioned post cards. As we all know, during the last election, social media was manipulated with all kinds of fake news stories, memes and inflammatory ads. So before the Congressional midterm elections in November, facebook has come up with a new plan for anyone who wants to advertise for a candidate. If your ad mentions a candidate, facebook will send a postcard to your US address with a code you need to enter into the website before your ad will run.

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Tech This Out for 02/20/18

Apple has started moving employees into the new Apple Park… a high tech, futuristic looking campus that will eventually house 12,000 employees. But they’re running into a bit of a safety issue – people keep running into the glass walls. They’re curved and so crystal-clear that some people aren’t seeing them until they hit them. You know what they need? Kids! Unleash some kids in there and the smudges they leave on the glass could save lives!


Tech This Out for 02/19/18

Hortense Dodo, says food science has been her passion since she was a child and it shows… she earned two degrees in Africa, then a master’s degree in food science and technology from the University of Georgia, followed by a PhD in food biotechnology and molecular biology at Penn State University. And it all lead to her career focus – life-threatening peanut allergies. She’s been working for over a decade to create a hypoallergenic peanut and it looks like she’s done it.

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Tech This Out for 02/16/18

Before you set your new Apple HomePod up you might want to put a coaster under it. A lot of people are noticing the the silicone base is causing a reaction and leaving a white ring on wood furniture. (And it’s not just the HomePod – any smart speaker with a vibration dampening silicone base will do the same thing.) Do yourself a favor and buy a speaker coaster… Pad & Quill already sells one!