Tech This Out for 01/31/18

An app called BossyGrl is giving girls and young women (and guys too) the chance to be their own boss. It’s an entrepreneur starter kit that only requires a smartphone and some imagination to create a real e-commerce business. Users name their business then either upload a logo they already have or create a logo using the app. Then they can pick products to design with their own artwork or with art from the app… and open their store. The bossy girl app is available for iphone now and they’re working on the android version, so if you’re an android person, sign up at the website to get the notice when it’s done…

Tech This Out for 01/29/18

Maryland company Genovation has unveiled their Extreme Electric GXE sports car that can not only take you from zero to 60 in under 3 seconds… but it also has a top speed of 220 miles an hour, making it the fastest street legal electric car in the world. If you have $750,000, you could be one of only 75 people to reserve your GXE now and you’ll get it somewhere around the end of 2019.

Tech This Out for 01/26/18

There’s a Bhutanese folk saying that you must contemplate death five times a day to be happy. And that’s the premise behind the app WeCroak.  The app reminds you at 5 random times throughout your day that you’re going to die. That reminder of your mortality is suppose to make you grateful for the present moment. A bit morbid perhaps… but I feel like it would work. That’s one of the things we all have in common. We’re going to die someday and we don’t know when.

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Tech This Out for 01/25/18

It’s like Guitar Hero meets Dance Dance Revolution… in virtual reality… with light sabers! Check out Czech indie studio Hyperbolic Magnetism’s new game Beat Saber. The premise is easy- slash the boxes flying at you with the same color light saber in the direction of the arrow on the box. But as you can see, it’s not that easy. I’m diggin’ on the original music in this game. I want to try this one out!

Tech This Out for 01/24/18

When you couple up with someone you love and decide to have a baby, you can’t help but wonder what traits the baby will inherit from each of you. Will they have your eyes and their nose? Will that recessive red hair gene on your side of the family create a cute little ginger? The company Baby Glimpse hopes to give you an idea of what that uncreated offspring might look like and lets you dig into other traits as well.

Tech This Out for 01/23/18

Well this is one heck of a maiden voyage! A brand new lifeguard drone in Australia saved two lives just a few hours after it went on duty. The drone flew out to two teens who were swept about a half-mile out to sea in just two minutes and dropped down a flotation device that allowed them to hang on and paddle to shore. It’s the first time a drone has been used to rescue someone.


Tech This Out for 01/17/18

A lot of hearts were pounding in the last seconds of that Vikings and Saints game on Sunday. The Vikings pulled out a win when Stefon Diggs scored the winning touchdown with zero seconds left on the clock (an NFL playoff first.) And those watching were either elated or upset… but everyone was shocked… and Apple watches all over the country started warning wearers that they might be having a heart attack!