Tech This Out for 08/10/18

Art can really make a difference in a room. It can set a tone, add some color, pull together a look with your furniture, or just show off something that you love. But you can’t hang every piece of art you love, and sometimes you change your mind and want to change the whole look of a room…. and a new art display called Canvia can keep up with whatever you want to do.


Tech This Out for 08/08/18

There’s nothing worse than paying a bunch of money to see a movie and then having someone talking right behind you, or making loud candy wrapper noises, or chewing popcorn with their mouth open right next to you. It ruins the whole experience and might make you miss some parts of the movie. So a company called SoundFi is rolling out this new technology that would allow you to immerse yourself in 3D audio sound and block out the rest of the theater noise.

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Tech This Out for 08/03/18

Talking on the phone is becoming many people’s least favorite way of communicating, but sometimes you have to have a voice to voice conversation… like when you’re calling customer service. And the hardest part of that phone call is sitting on hold forever waiting for a human to pick up. That’s where the site Get can help. They’ll wait on hold for you. 

Man Having a Phone Call In-front of a Laptop